The idea to build the operating system (OS) for pc came after Danny Jafni presented his future product for English project in his college in March 2010. The presentation has inspired Danny Jafni to make the real operating system named Ribbon Curve. This has been announce to public and his friends on February 2010. This project will be included in Narloo version 1 projects, the os has been renamed to Narloo Ribbon Curve on the same month.

Purposely the OS should be mainly for internet user based on Google Chrome OS (Chromium OS for Open Source). But on March, the team decided to use Ubuntu as it's main based OS. The OS beta version should be release to public in Jun 2010 but has been pushed to July, later canceled due to software, interface and hosting problems.

The OS discontinued on September 2010 after the announcement of Narloo Version 3. Narloo Version 3 projects discontinued after few weeks of its announcement. No new projects has announce until Danny Jafni announce it's own project on his talk blog named Danny Jafni Projects. The Narloo has also announce it's own project named Narloo V4, which include new version of Ribbon Curve. Both Narloo and Danny Jafni projects has combined to build this new version of OS.

The OS will be based on openSUSE. On 15th December 2010, the OS has announce on it's official blog and Danny Jafni Talk blog that it will based on GNOME interface which same interface as Ubuntu, they also announce that the OS will be release in beta version on 17th December 2010.

On the same day of the release of Narloo Ribbon Curve, new OS has announce in development which will be base in OpenSUSE and Onca OS, which will be in KDE Desktop Interface. The OS will be named as Ribbon Bend OS.

The team also has decided to release os for Netbook and Mini USB OS soon on 2011 which base on openSUSE 11.4 release on March 2011.

Developers: Danny Jafni & Narloo OS Team
Under Projects: Danny Jafni Projects & Narloo V4

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