Another step to Open Source: Ribbon Curve 0.0.4 and futher development will be able to be cloned

Ribbon Curve is open now for Cloning at Suse Studio. Suse studio is a place for you to create your own Linux Distro in easy way. Yes, even kid can build it! Ribbon Curve build 0.0.4 now able to clone and customize it in your own way! Share it here and to the world!
search for "Ribbon Curve" at Gallery to clone.

Updates: Ribbon Curve redesign

Ribbon Curve has entered the redesign process. The Ribbon Curve current version is 1.54 which based OpenSuse 11.3 with GNOME Interface. In additio, this brand new version will used reloaded redesign GNOME Interface created by André Duffeck.

Ribbon Bend release date moved

Ribbon Bend release date has been moved from January 2011 to the date will be announced later. This is because Ribbon Bend is upgrading it based OS from OpenSuse 11.3 to OpenSuse 11.4. Ribbon Bend is the second version Narloo Ribbon OS will be using KDE interface.

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